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Magento 2 Invoice Payment

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  • Easy to install via Composer
  • €100.00

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    Magento 2 Invoice Payment - Product Features


    • Magento 2 Extension for invoice payment
    • widely configurable options for invoice payment
    • Configuration of countries, customer groups, order amount upper and lower bounds
    • Automatic invoice creation possible
    • Automatic invoice creation via invoice and order grids at Magento 2 Backend
    • Custom invoice texts for checkout, HTML invoices and PDF invoices
    • Easy to install via Composer

    Product Description - Magento 2 Invoice Payment


    Let your customers pay their order on account and start increasing your conversion of your Magento 2 Store. Purchase on account is one of the most popular payment methods. You don't need any of the expensive payment providers. The Magento 2 Extension "Invoice Payment" has all you need for letting your customers purchase on account. Because of the many configuration options it's your decision, which customer can pay on account and how high his order may be. The exclusion of different countries or customer groups is yours and you can set a minimum and maximum order amount. For a higher flexibility, you are able to set unlimited order amount tiers and limits and decide between total order amount or total number of orders. Identification by customers's email address make it work for guest and logged in customers. After Ordering the Magento 2 invoice is automatically created or semiautomatically via invoice or order grids and you define the invoice status. So until invoice is captured, it stays open in your Magento 2 Store. You can always overview your unpaid invoices and mark them as paid, easily through the Grids at Magento 2 Backend. Additionally you can automatically send an email to your customer, if you have received payment. The checkout, HTML and PDF Invoices texts can be changed easily at the Backend. Code or templates stay untouched. Additionally you can use Aromicon Invoice Payment only in your Magento 2 Store Backend, if you like.

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Filesize 53 kB
    Version 1.10.0
    File format Composer Repository
    Compatible Magento Version CE 2.3.x, CE 2.2.x, CE 2.1.x, CE 2.0.x
    License Commercial Software License v1.0


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