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Magento 2 Base Price Extension

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Magento 2 Base Price Extension - Product Features


  • Magento 2 Extension to show Base price
  • Configure product amount, product unit, reference amount and reference unit individually for every product
  • Displayed automatically after filling in above attributes
  • Wide collection of measures integrated
  • Simple installation via Composer

Product Description - Magento 2 Base Price Extension


Description of Base price Extension for Magento 2.0

  • It is possible to specify product amount, product unit, reference amount and reference unit individually for every product.
  • If these attributes are all filled, the single Base price will calculate and show.
  • A wide collection of measures is already integrated.
  • The simple design is based on Magento 2's Luma Theme, so it is easily expendable.
  • Also working with Confgurable Products and tier price (via Code Block in Template File)

More functions versus older Magento extensions

  • On the one hand, Base price is shown in extensive format on product view page, on the other hand, there is a shortened format for the category pages and the shopping cart.
  • Both displayed formats are based by a template, so they can easily get edited via shop configuration.
  • Furthermore integration of missing measures is done pretty simple.

Available measures

  • weight
    • kilogram, gram, milligram
    • pound, ounce
  • volume
    • liter, milliliter
    • Imperial gallon, Imperial pint, Imperial fluid ounce
    • US gallon, US pint, US fluid ounce
    • cubic meter, cubic centimeter, cubic millimeter
    • cubic foot, cubic inch
  • length
    • meter, millimeter, centimeter
    • foot, inch
  • area
    • square meter, square centimeter, square millimeter
    • square foot, square inch
  • quantity
    • pieces


  • Magento 2.x
  • Composer

Additional Information

Additional Information

Filesize 54 kB
File format Composer Repository
Compatible Magento Version CE 2.4.x, CE 2.3.x, CE 2.2.x, CE 2.1.x, CE 2.0.x
License Commercial Software License v1.0


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